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April 5 . Article: Curtains are Back in Style

What’s Hot: Curtains and Drapes are Currently Back In

When you think of curtains you may think of your grandparent’s house and heavy, floral dated drapery. While fans of retro style and shabby chic may gush at this thought, not everyone is automatically sold on the idea of curtains – especially those who tend towards more modern interior design palettes for their homes.

However curtains are very much in at the moment, and you’re no longer limited to heavy, dense, thick drapes. There are so many styles and varieties of curtains to choose from right now, that there’s no doubting you’ll be able to find a style of curtain to match your personal style and taste. In fact, choosing the right curtain to match your house is a great way to transform it from dull drab and dated, to a clean, modern, fashionable space in no time.

Awesome Designs

There are many different types of curtains: velvet, vintage, sash, sheer, ring top, thermal and rod pocket to name a few, there is also an infinite number of possibilities for designs and patterns. Need a boutique, child-friendly design for the drapes in your nursery? You can find it easily. Or perhaps you’d prefer a warm neutral coloured curtain to perfectly complement your living room’s bright and light colour palette? It’s out there. Add a touch of regal luxury to your bedroom with thick, rich textured drapes, or make your living room feel open, bright, and breezy with some lightweight fabric curtains that will invite the outdoors in on a balmy summer’s afternoon.

Customise to Suit Yourself!

If you have a very unique or specific theme running through your home then you can even match your curtains and blinds to perfectly suit it. Those who tend toward Scandinavian palettes with lots of soft blues, greys, whites and natural timber flooring and furniture can get custom made curtains to match. And those of you who prefer sparse, industrial interior style spaces can get light coloured blinds to offset the dark and metallic tones of your furniture and walls.

Get Fresh for Summer

Summer is rapidly approaching and one of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade your home to add some warmth and colour is by investing in some curtains. Some light yellow, orange or cream curtains with floral designs will brighten up living, food preparation and eating spaces and add a nice retro feel.

Not Just for the Home

A curtain revamp and redesign is not just limited to your living space. Have a think about your workspace or business; if you’re a manager or business owner consider the impact that effective interior design can have on the productivity of you and your staff. A curtain facelift can bring warmth, light and style to your office and make it an inviting and enjoyable place to work.

Consider the Change

Think about how you can inject some life into your home or office with some trendy curtain designs and patterns! Feel free to contact the friendly team at Main Curtains if you have any questions about sprucing up your space.


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