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Custom Lace Fabric Curtains

Custom Lace Fabric Curtains Sydney


Modern lace fabric curtains have a lot in common with traditional lace curtains. The big difference with modern lace is that these curtains come in a truly extraordinary variety of colours and styles. You can explore different patterns, different styles, and different colour matches in our range.

We use only the highest quality fabrics for our custom curtains. These fabrics cover a variety of style and design choices. If you’re looking for something special, a particular design, or would like a range of choices for different rooms, we can help. Our highly experienced curtain makers can deliver any style or type of lace fabric you need.

We offer a selection of excellent design choices for lace fabric curtains. Explore our range and get in touch to learn more, visit our showroom located in Seven Hills, Sydney for more designs.

Our custom design services include precision fitting, styles choices, and all the help you need. Talk to our talented staff about your needs and we’ll make a fabulous range of lace fabric curtains for you.


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Call us on 02 9838 9883 and ask  and come and see our curtains at our showroom at Seven Hills, Sydney. If you’d like to enquire about our products, use our online contact form to request a quote.