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A Wide Range of Curtain Styles, to Suit All Rooms and Tastes

Slide through our image gallery below to view just a small sample of the beautiful products and custom curtain styles we make and deliver.

Sheer fabric curtains

Adding a touch of colour, movement and romance, sheer curtains are a great choice for privacy, while still allowing light to filter throughout your room.

Lace fabric curtains

An elegant option that truly enhances any room, great choice for privacy, while still allowing light to filter throughout your room.

Eyelet curtains

For a very easy, simple modern look, choose eyelet curtains which are hung from curtain rods, with the rod feeding through metal eyelets across the top of the curtain.

Rod pocket curtains

A more decorative curtain, less suited to being regularly opened and closed, these curtains have a pocket running along the whole width of the curtain, through which a rod is easily inserted for mounting.

Invert pleat curtains

With single (box) pleats along the back, at intervals along the heading, reversed single pleats create a very neat, semi-formal look that stacks nicely when open. Made from a variety of fabrics and using less material than other styles, these are an economical and elegant choice.

Single pinch pleat curtains

Single pinch pleats are also known as 'New York Style' curtains, for their suitability to tall, apartment-style-windows- think stylish New York loft apartments! A very clean and modern look for your home.

Double pinch pleat curtains

Double pinch pleats, or 'Dutch style' curtains, are a versatile and contemporary option. Made with pairs of pleats pinched and secured together in the heading of the curtain, they are fuller than the New York single pleat, but not as plush or formal as French triple pleats.

Triple pinch pleat curtains

Also referred to as 'French style' curtains because of their full, plush look, triple pinch pleats are created when three pleats are pinched and sewn together in the heading. They are a very elegant and luxurious choice, used in more formal rooms of the house.

Swag and tail curtains

The most decorative and 'fancy' curtain style, swag and tail curtain fabric falls either side of the window into a tail or cascade, framing an outlook and giving balance to the window. They can instantly make a room more formal and elegant.

Blockout fabric curtains

With their double layer coating, blockout curtains reduce heat and light leakage, keeping your room cool, calm and private. Excellent for shift workers and young children who sleep throughout the day.

We also make Roman blinds, cushions, and tie-backs.

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