The Benefits Of Insulated Curtains


How to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer with Insulated Curtains

Summer in Sydney can be quite overpowering. Long, hot days with no cool breeze or rain. All that concrete can trap heat in the city for weeks at a time, leaving us looking for ways to cool off – dips in the pool, breaks in the shade, cold beers over a weekend are all great. And of course, nothing beats a swim at our number of gorgeous beaches.

But what about keeping your home cool? Apart from turning up the air con, which can really make your power bill sting your bank balance or credit card, you could also consider using insulated curtains as a source of temperature control. Let’s talk about this a bit more.

How Can Curtains Help?

Insulated curtains are specifically designed to help keep hot or cold air in your home. They do this by stopping the frequency of air exchange between the windows and the rest of your home. Air is always trying to balance itself out, and the hot air from your windows is trying to get in and blend with the cooler air inside your home. If you stop this warmer air from getting into your home then your home will remain cooler for longer.

Keep Them Closed!

Ideally you’ll want to keep your curtains shut during the peak of the day during summer. This will stop the light and heat from fully penetrating your home. Your place will stay cool and dark and will be a nice and calm oasis to come back to each night. Just wait for a lovely cool change and the beautiful breeze that comes with it and open up your doors and windows to let it all in! As well as helping to cool your home, there is nothing like the feel of a cool breeze after a heat wave.

Why Insulated Curtains?

Why specifically insulated curtains, and not just any old drape? Thick thermal curtains are not the best at transferring heat – in this case a very positive attribute. You want to keep the heat out.

Fitting is Essential!

Even the best quality thermal insulating curtains are no good at all if they are incorrectly fitted to your windows. Ideally curtains used to keep out heat, should go from as close to ceiling as possible right down to the floor, and should be very tightly attached to the walls on each side of your windows.

Watch the Seasons Change

Summer will be over before you know it, and winter will be on the way! If you invest in some insulated curtains now, they will serve you all year round as they can also help to keep the heat in during the depths of winter. If you have ducted heating just watch the position of the ducts! Often they are located underneath windows and big heavy drapes can block this heat from warming your house if positioned incorrectly. The most important thing to know about insulating curtains is that they are a sound investment all year round; so seeing them as a benefit in summer as well as winter will serve you well.

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