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Main Curtains in Sydney – All About Us

Hello and welcome to Main Curtains! We are Sydney’s best and most reliable custom fabric curtain and blinds manufacturer. We happily service residential homes and apartments, as well as commercial buildings such as retail stores and office spaces. We stay current and plugged into all the latest interior design themes and trends so we can best advise you about different curtains, drapes and blinds and how they will best suit your property or office.

Custom Made Blinds

If you value your individuality and like to express it in your interior decoration, then stock standard curtains may not be for you. We can happily custom create blinds to suit your specific style or need. Just get in touch with us and we’ll have a chat and figure out what you’re looking for and how best we can match your requirements.

Sydney-based Showroom

Our Sydney showroom has literally hundreds of different fabric types on display as well as an in-house production line. This is so you can see exactly what we are capable of in terms of quality, durability, design and style.

Our Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff

Every team member here at Main Curtains consistently delivers exceptional quality workmanship and outstanding customer service, and there are 15 of us! We are the curtain and blind experts and we can keep you abreast of current or upcoming curtain styles and trends, different types of curtains and also provide you with any decoration and design advice that you may need. We will also deliver your blinds and curtains to you in a timely manner.

Quality Fabrics

We ensure that all of the fabric that we use in our blind and curtain manufacturing is sourced from reputable, reliable and respectable suppliers. This is solely to maintain our high standards of production – with the end result being happy customers who return to us again and again for their curtain needs. Cotton, linen, velvet, silk, lace – the possibilities and customisation options are endless!

Mobile Decorating Team

We’re so dedicated to getting your home looking the best it possibly can, that our team will even come to you with a full range of fabric swatches and their vast knowledge and expertise. We can help bring life to dull rooms, lighten the darkest spaces and provide stark contrasts and bold highlights to any living room or area.

Free Measure and Quote

Part of our service includes a free measure and quote – so put your tape measure away, we’ve got our own and will happily visit you and ensure that your new window coverings will fit your home perfectly.

Bulk Orders

If you are in an industry and need to bulk order your curtains then we can manufacture them for you. Hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, retailers, and interior design firms – we can fill most orders at very reasonable rates.

Please feel free to get in touch with our team for any and all enquiries about our wide range of fabric, curtains and blinds.

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Online Quotation

For all commercial enquiries, please contact Runsen on 0402 087 416.

We are happy to supply you with an online quote, but due to our current volume of orders, check measures and new orders will not be fulfilled until late February 2022. We do apologise for any convenience!