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What’s Trending in Curtain Fabric and Design Right Now?

The world of curtain fabric and design styles is far from dull and boring. There are so many options for the discerning homeowner and you are in no way limited to stock standard colours and themes when it comes to curtain trends. If you’re bold, veracious, and animal print is your thing, it can be done – you can bring the jungle into your living room with a roar if you so wish. Maybe you’d like modern, geometric colour blocking? Then bring in a fashion or interior design magazine and we’ll work with your ideas.

From traditional styles, to modern stark looks, it’s exciting to think of the possibilities. Let’s take a look at some currently trending curtain fabrics and designs.

Traditional Floral

While floral drapes are an old tired and tested style, they still work very well. Especially if you the designs are subtle, with well spaced and well illustrated flowers. If you have a favourite flower you could even get your curtains custom made with your preferred bloom printed on them. This type of curtain looks particularly good in pale, muted shades.

Ancient Aztec

Ancient South American print patterns of the Aztecs and Incas can make for some interesting, eye-catching and inspiring blinds, especially in darker colours which absorb the light but still manage to catch and filter some of it through.

Two Tone

Ombré curtains feature a gorgeous two-tone look – and often with one colour blending into the other for a feeling of flow and continuity. They are a versatile type of curtain, especially in a room that already has some existing colour contrast. Use the two tones of your ombré curtains to add to this blend of differing colours.

Sheer Curtains

Another tried and tested type of curtain, sheet curtains allow for optimal privacy without blocking light. They flow elegantly too, especially in rooms with light, cream or grey colour palettes. They prevent anyone from looking in but you can still see through them to the outside which is ideal for those who want their home to be a haven without feeling enclosed.

Thick and Rich

There is still space for luxurious, thick and rich drapes. Velvet or satin is the ideal choice of material, and intricate textures and designs are favoured in the homes of those who like to lavishly express their personality and create a sumptuous, decadent living space.

Animal Print

We weren’t joking above. Animal print curtains are trending at the moment. Zebra, leopard, tiger, giraffe and any other interesting coat and fur that you can think of are making their way into homeowner’s windows. They are a much simpler alternative to actual taxidermy collections too!

Floor Length for Impact

Thick and bold floor length curtains are currently in favour for those who want a particular room to really stand out and want their curtains to be a key feature in their room.

Lightweight and Airy

One interior design theme currently trending is indoor and outdoor flow. Keep the flow going in your home with very lightweight and lightly coloured curtains – particularly in your living room and bathroom spaces. This will let the light in and bring the feeling of a warm summers day into your home.

You should now feel inspired by the currently trending curtain themes and designs! Does your home need a bit of a lift, or a unique touch that only some awesome curtains can bring? Let your imagination run free.

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