How to Care for Your Curtain


Curtains are a great addition to your home. In fact, they’re a necessity.

They shield you and your prized furniture from the sun, maintain your privacy and can even help to insulate your home. But just what is the best way to care for your curtains and drapes? Main Curtains are happy to share our top curtain care tips with you!

Vacuum Them

Your curtains tend to attract dust. After all, they’re not moving much throughout the day. To stop household dust and grime from building up on your curtains, use a vacuum with a brush attachment. Take care to clean the edges of your curtains too, because these often pick up dust from the windowsills. Also, pay attention to the bottoms as they can brush against the floor and pick up dirt from there. Just make sure you avoid loose trim or embellishments while you vacuum.

Protect Them from the Sun

Curtains that get a lot of direct sunlight have a tendency to wear and fade over time. Try to avoid this by hanging lighter coloured curtains in these rooms. They won’t fade as quickly as a darker shade, and it will be less obvious when they do fade.

Give Them a Wash

Sometimes your curtains and drapes will need a good wash, especially those that hang in your kitchen. They tend to pick up cooking smells, grease and oil, leaving them in a sorry state. Always make sure that you read the care instructions closely before washing any curtains. Cotton and linen curtains can usually go in the washing machine, but silk curtains will need to get washed by hand. Before you wash any curtains, test a small patch of the fabric to see how it reacts with the water and detergent. Always wash them using cold water and a neutral detergent. The last thing you want is shrunken curtains!

Press Them

You’ll need to press your curtains after you wash them. They can also do with an iron every once in a while. This refreshes the fabric and keeps them looking crisp. Ironing your curtains can sometimes cause damage, too. To prevent this, turn them inside out. Use a low setting on your iron, and be gentle as you glide over them. Again, check the care label closely before you iron your curtains.

Clean Your Hands!

Touching curtain fabric with dirty hands can spoil it. Always wash your hands before you touch your curtains or take them down for maintenance. Make sure that your children keep their hands clean too. We all know how much they love to grab and pull at things.

Train Your Pets

Cats, in particular, can pose problems when it comes to curtains. Make sure that your pets know to keep away from your curtains. If your cat is clawing up against your curtains, invest in a scratching post instead.
There you have it! You’re well on your way to keeping your curtains in perfect condition.  To learn more about curtains – from style to care and beyond – explore the rest of our blog

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