The Difference Between Blinds And Curtains – What’s Right For Your Space?


Decorating your home can be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

There are so many different options for décor, paint schemes and artwork. Yet when it comes to window dressings, many people are faced with quite a difficult decision: the choice between blinds and curtains.

So, which is best for your space? Let’s take a closer look, room by room.

Living Space

Whether you call it a living room, a lounge, or a rumpus, we spend plenty of time in our living areas. Curtains tend to provide a more relaxing option in these rooms, and the decorative possibilities are almost endless. You can have a custom-made curtain crafted to reflect your own style and taste, often accompanied by elegant stainless steel fittings for a touch of modern sophistication. On the other hand, blinds, whether they’re white, wooden, Venetian, or more, are becoming increasingly flexible. They offer versatility, giving you a good deal of control. They can provide light, privacy, or both!

It really depends on your personal preference. Those who favor a traditional, classic look for their living space will probably lean towards curtains, while those who appreciate a chic, contemporary vibe might choose blinds instead.

The Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen window dressings, you need something that is both stylish and durable. Kitchen window dressings tend to absorb odours and cooking products, so durability is key. Blinds tend to be the best option, as they are easy to clean and maintain while still look amazing. One option is timber Venetian blinds. They offer a natural vibe coupled with the ease of low maintenance. But curtains aren’t entirely out of the race here. A sheer, light coloured curtain can look amazing in your kitchen.

The Bedrooms

Traditionally, curtains were the window dressing of choice for the bedroom. They offer privacy as well as style. Recently, blinds have made an appearance in the bedroom. Timber or Roman blinds are a common choice. Depending on how they’re installed, they can even create the illusion of more space. This is perfect for those smaller bedrooms. If you choose curtains and want to dress them up a bit, you can add some padded pelmets on top. This can create a luxurious feel in your bedroom.


Finally, there is the bathroom. Curtains are usually avoided in this space in the favour of blinds, but sometimes light lace curtains can achieve a bright feeling. This is especially effective in bathrooms that have white tile and white paint. Venetian or timber blinds are also a great choice for the bathroom.

For living spaces and bedrooms, curtains are the traditional option. Blinds are best kept for the kitchen and bathroom. Everyone’s personal preference may vary. You may find that experimenting with different window dressings can give you the best results! Have fun and be creative.

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